Are you a health-aholic?

In this day and age of increased awareness to the benefits of healthy living, the importance of an active life, of good nutrition, we are all exposed more and more to the tools to live well. The conversations of eating disorders are slightly less stigmatised than in recent years or generations and the access to…… Continue reading Are you a health-aholic?

Max Strom’s yoga masterclass

To many people, Max Strom needs no introduction, but to those unfamiliar with the American teacher and author of books including ‘There is no app for happiness’, I will simply say he is one of the world’s leading authorities on yoga; its movement, its philosophy, the breath, its evolution from origin to modern day. After…… Continue reading Max Strom’s yoga masterclass

Five simple ways to love yourself, more

Stepping into a new year is so much more than unrealistic new years resolutions and unachievable goals which in fact veil a lot of our underlying self hatred. It’s a time which if you are going to do one thing, make it an act of self love, and then do that act of self love,…… Continue reading Five simple ways to love yourself, more

The inner voice: guiding light, alter ego or inner saboteur?

Going away is always the most cathartic process for me. A change of scene, people, food, air, everything. Being in a place where nobody knows your past or your present, where nobody has expectations or views on anything but what they see in front of them at that present moment, can be the most liberating…… Continue reading The inner voice: guiding light, alter ego or inner saboteur?