The Eight Habits You Need To Live Your Truth

The yoga sutras, the so-called philosophy of yoga, speak a great deal about the five yamas – the ethical principles for the practicing yogi. One of those yamas is satya, or truth. Obviously living our truth is an ideal we all aspire to, but these days we have to be so many different things to so many different…… Continue reading The Eight Habits You Need To Live Your Truth

Five Of The Best Yoga And Wellbeing Holidays And Retreats

As yoga rises in popularity, more and more people are looking to incorporate it into their holidays each year. It’s a great way to go to an amazing new destination while deepening your practice, allowing you to do at least two classes a day while still managing to relax and explore a new place. It’s especially…… Continue reading Five Of The Best Yoga And Wellbeing Holidays And Retreats

Eco friendly yoga fashion

Practising yoga as we all know, is more than a series of postures; it is a lifestyle, a way of thinking, being and acting. However you interpret these things, ‘ahimsa’, the concept of non harm is at the heart of our practice. So how can we translate that into daily life? Many ways in fact,…… Continue reading Eco friendly yoga fashion

Max Strom’s yoga masterclass

To many people, Max Strom needs no introduction, but to those unfamiliar with the American teacher and author of books including ‘There is no app for happiness’, I will simply say he is one of the world’s leading authorities on yoga; its movement, its philosophy, the breath, its evolution from origin to modern day. After…… Continue reading Max Strom’s yoga masterclass

Yoga, social media & body objectification

In an era of social media, where people’s ‘success’ or ‘quality’ is often judged by the number of followers they have, this is the age of the photo. Images are king and queen. People choose personal trainers, yoga teachers, many things, based on criteria from the beauty held in their photos to the levels they…… Continue reading Yoga, social media & body objectification

5 Tips for choosing a yoga teacher training

As yoga grows in the UAE and not least, in Dubai, there are many more teacher training opportunities coming up. But like anything, like a decent degree, you want it to have value. You want it to come with credibility and recognition, something you can travel the world with and open up beautiful new doors…… Continue reading 5 Tips for choosing a yoga teacher training