Eco friendly yoga fashion

Practising yoga as we all know, is more than a series of postures; it is a lifestyle, a way of thinking, being and acting. However you interpret these things, ‘ahimsa’, the concept of non harm is at the heart of our practice. So how can we translate that into daily life? Many ways in fact,…… Continue reading Eco friendly yoga fashion

Are you a health-aholic?

In this day and age of increased awareness to the benefits of healthy living, the importance of an active life, of good nutrition, we are all exposed more and more to the tools to live well. The conversations of eating disorders are slightly less stigmatised than in recent years or generations and the access to…… Continue reading Are you a health-aholic?

Smith St Paleo’s Holly Smith: Five simple ways to make life more healthy

Living healthily can sometimes seem unattainable, overwhelming, something there is no time for. Depending on your job, your family commitments, it really can be, and it takes dedication, planning and a good support network. Holly Smith is one person who battled the adversity of a topsy turvy schedule during 13 years working as cabin crew…… Continue reading Smith St Paleo’s Holly Smith: Five simple ways to make life more healthy

Max Strom’s yoga masterclass

To many people, Max Strom needs no introduction, but to those unfamiliar with the American teacher and author of books including ‘There is no app for happiness’, I will simply say he is one of the world’s leading authorities on yoga; its movement, its philosophy, the breath, its evolution from origin to modern day. After…… Continue reading Max Strom’s yoga masterclass

Five easy ways to be more ‘eco’

When you mention eco-living to many people, there is still the misconception that this is something super hard, expensive, and for the ‘hippies’ of the world. Well, that’s definitely not true. We can all do small things every day to make a difference, and it doesn’t have to break the bank. In yoga, we talk…… Continue reading Five easy ways to be more ‘eco’