Hey guys,

Welcome to my blog. For those of you who have been following my blogging journey over the last couple of years, thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading, and for those of you who are new to the page, thank you for jumping on here. 

I always tell people I lead a double life; by day, I’m a newspaper journalist, and at all other times, I’m a yogi. Yes, I teach, but we are all lifelong students and my students actually teach me more than anything. Somewhere in between these two worlds, comes my blog. 

Yoga has become a true passion for me and a way of life way beyond the yoga mat. It has been the starting point for a wonderful journey which has taken me through many different experiences which I love to share with you all on here, from the things I like to eat and the places I like to travel to how I look after my body, from the inside out. 

Just like many people, I’ve had my share of life and health challenges, from losing my mum and best friend to learning to live with a suppressed immune system, which in itself, has other complications. I have many food intolerances from dairy to gluten which many people may think means there’s not much left for me to eat, but I can honestly say that tasty, healthy food is one of my passions which I will be sharing more of on here. So many people find it hard to eat healthily as they don’t have the know-how to do it but I love nothing more than to share my tips on making cheat, healthy and easy food which will nourish your soul as well as your tummy.

These life challenges are all great teachers and I am honestly grateful for the personal growth each one has given me. It’s all been the raw and honest inspiration for the posts I write for you guys, to give a little more insight and hopefully some inspiration, to other people. 

I truly believe that taking care of ourselves is a priority, whether that is through the food we eat or the physical movement we do, or the words we say to ourselves on a daily basis or the things we ‘do’ for ourselves to make ourselves happy. 

I have been through many steps on my path of self development from stepping on stage in a physique competition to becoming a yoga teacher, having heartbreaks along the way and meeting many more amazing people on the journey. Each and every one of these steps is what made me who I am today. 

I really hope that at least one of these blogs will resonate with you, will make you think, and hopefully, inspire you to do something more to look after YOU. 

Please feel free to reach out and connect with me any way you’re comfortable. I love nothing more than sharing experiences and helping others grow on this amazing path called life. 

With love and laughter, Melanie x