Holistic healing: 5 natural health boosters

As I’ve become more curious to learn about holistic treatments, remedies and preventions for health issues, I’ve learnt there are so many things we can do which aren’t invasive and definitely don’t use medication. So here are some of my favourites that I now use for digestive and respiratory health, as described by ayurvedic  [ancient Indian system of medicine] therapist Asha Jones and colon hydrotherapist Asha Rani from the Dubai Herbal Treatment Centre.


Neti pot cleaning is a traditional yoga therapy which is more than a thousand years old. It is important to keep the nasal passages clean and healthy as they are always the first line of defense against microbes, pollutants & allergens. A neti pot  is a simple pot made of ceramic or plastic which has a long nozzle. Normal saline solution is usually used for this therapy. It helps in flushing out excess mucus and other accumulated debris and clears the nasal passage. Neti pot irrigation is recommended for people who have allergies, sinus problems, snore or who wish to improve their sense of taste or smell.


Tongue scraping is a daily routine best done in the morning according to ayurvedic texts. Scraping the tongue removes the ama, the toxins accumulated overnight on the tongue and teeth and in the mouth. In this way it helps to balance your Kapha dosha which also can improve your ability to taste and smell. Although traditional texts advise us to use scrapers made of gold, silver or copper we can use stainless steel. It should be done with very gentle strokes from the back of the tongue to the front. 


The main benefits of this combination is for the digestive system. Honey is a natural antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and is very good for natural wound healing. Ginger is best known for its power to enhance digestion and to soothe pain. To make the concoction, one tablespoon of freshly grated ginger should be boiled in 1 cup of water for 5 minutes. Strain it and when cool add 1 tablespoon of honey. This mixture is good for weak digestion, for bloating, to improve your immunity, for respiratory problems, for pains, for arthritic inflammations and for menstrual cramps

(Note: I personally don’t cook the ginger, but blend it up raw and mix it with a jar of honey, preferring to leave it raw and full of all the nutrients, just leaving it in the fridge to use daily. I have one to two tablespoons daily as suggested by my integrative medical practitioner.)


The basic principal of enema or colon hydrotherapy use is introducing water or herbs decoctions to the rectum to flush all waste from the lower portion of the colon. The enema can be self-administered at home. However, retaining large amounts of water is not advisable, and it may be difficult to focus on all aspects of the procedure. Colon hydrotherapy is the best option to clean the large intestine. Slowly flushing the colon with warm water by a professional therapist will make the treatment relaxed and comfortable without any concerns about the mechanical aspects of the procedure. As the filtered warm water is flushed through the colon it permeates all the folds of the colon and stimulates muscle action which provides exercise for the colon, helping it to tone and reshape. As for many people, the detoxification pathways are blocked over time, the toxins develop as we are exposed to toxic chemicals every day from cleansing chemicals, air freshners, food, water, stress, personal care products. Blocked detoxification pathways causes autointoxication and is the root cause of diseases and illnesses such as fatigue, constipation, hormonal imbalance, insomnia, muscles aching, acne, difficulty breathing, flu like symptoms, Candida-yeast infections, weight gain, IBS, etc. Benefits are many as colon cleansing helps good absorption of vitamins and nutrients causing good energy. Colon hydrotherapy is exercise for the colon muscles so maintains regular bowels and prevents constipation. Releasing toxins out from the body is rejuvenating because of better blood circulation, deep sleep, and a boost of energy, improves concentration and maintains PH balance in the blood stream. Colon hydrotherapy also kick starts the metabolism. Every client has different needs with colon cleanse sessions. Usually at least a series of three colonics is needed to get benefits. Some people need a series or more to get the colon functioning well. Regular clients may have maintenance colonics once in every three months. The therapist will help you and  give the advice for intervals and number of visits for colon hydrotherapy.

EAR CANDLE (my thoughts, not DHTC)

The internet, not least, websites from hospitals, will tell you the heat and suction method is ineffective, even scare you with tales of its danger. I can honestly say (and this is purely my experience, not advice that it’s right for you), that there has been nothing dangerous about it (other than the slightly enormous flame you have to have at the top of the candle, which means doing it with someone else is advisable at first). It clears ears more gently and slowly than the likes of syringing or ear drops and never hurts, because you don’t ram it down your ear canal to the point of its being dangerous. Quite honestly, I think cotton ear buds are a whole lot more dangerous. So I’ve had nothing but good experiences with it and am now confident enough to do it alone, in front of my bathroom mirror, right by the sink. I would never dream of having syringes or even shoving ear drops ‘to clear your ears’ down my ear again, like I’ve been advised over the years since childhood.

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