Why do we look after our cars better than our bodies?

We take them for preventative care, maintenance, health checks, but when was the last time you took yourself for such a thorough and regular servicing?

For women especially, it’s not just about cancer. This is one very horrific and serious thing we must all watch out for, but what’s about the other stuff? The other stuff which can have debilitating side effects, stuff that can easily become cancerous, stuff which can even take away your ability to have children, taking away your right to even make that choice? Is it money?

Do we not like putting our hands in our pockets for the little extras, the things over and above the basic, do we not like to pay for health insurance because it just ‘won’t happen to me’, ‘I’m healthy, I’ll be ok’, ‘look at how active I am, it couldn’t possibly happen to me’. All those statements are wrong. Cancer and cervical disorders hit anyone. It’s indiscriminate. Some of these cervical disorders can even be genetic so how do you even know? Do you perhaps assume that as a women of course we can have babies? I know for years I did. It costs a whole lot more in time, time off work, emotion and finance to fix than to prevent any kind of health issue, even the smallest of things.

After surgery last week to get rid of endometriosis and cysts in my abdomen and cervix, I feel acutely aware of how important it has been for me to have been monitored for the last more than one year, my doctor doing his best to avoid my having surgery but at the end of the day, I really want a family and prevention and intervention now was the only way to help that chance moving forward. At the age I am, I can’t take chances.

It mostly all starts with a pap smear test. It’s so simple. So if you haven’t had one for a while, please do it. There’s no going back from infertility. And if you haven’t checked your own breasts or genitals, ever, or for a while, please do that too. Our bodies are precious. They’re our home, they’re our sanctuary. They’re the freedom to do what we want, to play our favorite sport, to pick up our shopping, the vessel to hug our nearest and dearest. In short, they’re priceless. They’re tough and amazing machines but equally, they’re easily and rapidly broken down if not maintained.

It’s endometriosis awareness month right now and this one woman’s   (http://bit.ly/1WHqiD2) account of the price the disease cost her is a wonderful first hand piece.

Time for a service?

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