Success: what does it really mean?

As the year draws to a close, while I don’t believe in New Years resolutions, I do think it’s a good time to reflect on what’s been, take in the lessons we’ve learnt and observe the growth which the last year has given us. So what does success mean to you? How has your life been successful this year? Here are some of my own personal reflections.

Success is learning to be more patient, to learn to slow down, to think more, do less, to be, and be happy in the space of just being, not always doing. Success is having enough money to look after my health, to live comfortably enough to eat good food, have a roof over my head, to travel to places which teach me and help me grow on my soul journey.

Success is inspiring even one person to choose themselves, to love themselves enough to do at least one new thing to nurture their body and soul. Success is seeing your friends offer you things you never could have imagined, out of love, to help you on your life path.

Success is being a better teacher, a better writer, a better human, a better me. Success is always learning and always improving, in everything I do. Success is seeing the qualities in yourself you don’t like and being brave enough to face them, accept them, then strong enough to change them.

Success is loving even when that love isn’t returned. Success is being grateful for the things which have hurt you, your body, your heart, your soul, for they are the things which teach us and make us grow. Success is learning to trust yourself, your instincts, but success is also trusting that everything will be ok no matter what, that the path you’re on is the path you’re meant to be on; choosing faith over fear.

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