Gut Health 101

Many people suffer in silence with gut and digestive health issues and don’t even realise why it’s so vital to get it fixed, or at least not until they figure out that it is the cause of something they may have thought was totally unrelated. It’s the basis of everything that happens in this amazing machine we call ‘our body’ so here this week, I have brought in a very knowledgable woman, Kay Vosloo-Bodanza, holistic nutritionist, naturopath and colon hydrotherapy practitioner (among other talents including mummy and wife), to help give us a brief ‘gut health 101’.

A healthy gut can be the difference between spotty and clear skin, the key to immune health and energy levels. Even your emotions and stress will all be interlinked with your gut. Kay says: “People underestimate the power and importance of the gut, we abuse the integrity of the digestive system and we ignore all the vital warning signs presented to us. Apart from the physical warning signs, the gut is also the seat of all emotion and stress and this is an area which we as humans need to be more connected to.”

Your gut will be a red alert to worrying things in your body. Kay says daily bloating, discomfort or cramping, constipation, acid reflux or heartburn, halitosis (bad breath) and diarrhoea are all warning signs not to be ignored.

So why is this organ so important? “The gut is the area of digestion, absorption and assimilation of macro and micro nutrients into our bodies so it’s so important. Almost 95% of your Serotonin (feel-good, happy neurotransmitter) levels are produced and stored in the gut. The gut gives complete body immune support due to healthy and balanced gut microflora and is your protection against autointoxication. It also supports the liver, kidneys, nervous system and various other organs in the body.”

And how can you look after it better? “Chew your food well and eat slowly.” says Kay. “Avoid multitasking whilst eating so no eating at your desk or on the go. Eat more fibre-rich foods and ‘warming’ foods rather than raw salads. Add probiotics and digestive enzymes and drink more water.”

And one last thought: “It’s so important to take time for gratitude and be thankful for the food on your plate.”

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