Goodbye 2016 and thank you


As each year passes, we grow, change and we learn. If we don’t, there is something wrong. I would hate to think I hadn’t moved on and grown since my 20-something days. So this year, as we wave off 2016 and welcome in 2017, here are some reflections on what this great year taught me:

• Each of us is on our own path and no matter how much you want to help someone, sometimes you need to let them figure things out for themselves.

• Change only comes when you’re ready – not when you’re resistant to it.

• Own your own situations – whether that’s a relationship in which you’re not being treated how you deserve, a friend isn’t giving as much as you give, you’re not treated equally at work among colleagues or are not being respected – ask what you may have you done to allow that relationship to be the way it is. Own it.

• Self love and self forgiveness is a powerful tool – use it. Love and kindness must start with ourselves.

• Everyone really comes into our lives for a reason. I always felt this but this year more than ever, that was very clear. People come to us to heal, to teach, to challenge us.

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